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May 22, 2018    
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Mudpuppy & Waterdog, Inc. works with individuals, communities and not-for-profit organizations dedicated to documenting, preserving and interpreting their cultural resources. We create interpretive plans and develop and design waysides, exhibits, booklets and brochures. Preservation services include planning, research, context development and National Register nominations. The firm's principals, Joseph E. Brent and Maria Campbell Brent, have over fifty years of combined experience in cultural resource preservation and interpretation.

Mudpuppy & Waterdog, Inc. has been privileged to develop long-term relationships with many of its clients, working on multiple projects over a number of years. The firm works closely with clients to help them achieve their objectives and reach their goals-to make their visions a reality. All sites are unique, with unique opportunities and challenges. Mudpuppy & Waterdog, Inc. works with clients to develop practical yet visionary plans to guide the preservation, development and interpretation of their cultural resources, and by creating interpretive media that engages visitors and helps you achieve your mission and vision. We have earned the trust of our clients by being there when needed.
    Our professional services include:
  • Interpretation
  • Research
  • Documentation
  • Preservation planning

Please email, call or write us soon. We are eager to discuss your particular needs.


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